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SJ Vlog June 2023

SJ Vlog June 2023


The International Health Collective (IHC) strives to alleviate disparities in the San Diego–Tijuana region and abroad using an approach that is culturally sensitive, holistic, and sustainable. Based at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) IHC is a youth-driven, 501(c)(3) organization run entirely by students and recent alumni. This structure gives IHC the unique ability to constantly innovate and improve its approach in an effort to create lasting change. In addition, IHC also promotes education and research both within the organization and in the communities it serves. IHC works closely with its communities and continually evaluates its efficacy in addressing their needs.


IHC identifies with the World Health Organization’s definition of health, which goes beyond medicine and healthcare: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." IHC uses an interdisciplinary approach in which people of all backgrounds tackle large issues regarding health in a collaborative and comprehensive way. Students, teachers, medical professionals, engineers, community leaders, artists, and many others work together to create solutions and learn from one another.


Our mission is to improve the health, and by extension the lives, of both those we serve and those who provide service.


Orphanage Project Vlog 2021

Clinic in Tijuana Progresso

One of IHC's longest running and most successful projects. Our organization runs the Clinica Innovadores de IHC (named by our Community Health Workers), a pop-up clinic run out of the local community center on the first Saturday of every month.

Community Health Worker Program (CHWP)

A program established to train community leaders learn first aid, and health and wellness strategies so they can share this knowledge with their community and aid our physician's in providing care.

San Juanico Community Development

IHC has recently established a connection with the San Juanico community in Baja California Sur and is working on aiding them in improving healthcare access in their community through community health worker training.

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