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Our Team

Advisory Board

Jia Shen, MD, MPH
Weena Joshi, M.D.

Chief Faculty Advisor & Clinical Director

Weena Joshi, MD

Weena Joshi is a pediatrician at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and Faculty at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Weena has been with the International Health Collective since its inception and her experience and guidance has allowed IHC to become what it is today.

Jasmine Cao - Social Media & Marketing.jpeg


Jasmine Cao

Jasmine graduated from UCSD with a degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology. She has been involved with IHC the past 4 years and has served as the Director of Social Media and Marketing and Project Manager of the English Language Class. Jasmine was drawn to IHC because of its mission to create lasting change while working with the community they serve. Through IHC, Jasmine found that she is passionate about being an advocate for others and hopes to continue to uplift communities in the future as a physician. As a leader, Jasmine is excited to work alongside other dedicated members to make meaningful connections with the communities we serve.

Faculty Advisor & Clinical Director

Jia Shen, MD, MPH

Jia Shen is a board-certified cardiologist who specializes in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. As an assistant professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Shen’s research interests include cardiac rehabilitation, global burden of cardiovascular disease and risk factors, distribution of cardiovascular health services in low-resource settings, and biomarkers in cardiovascular disease.

Board of Directors

Flora Wong - Secretary.jpeg

Vice President

Flora is a fourth year Biochemistry/Chemistry major at UCSD. She was drawn to IHC's mission of providing sustainable healthcare to underserved populations and the organization's commitment to education and spreading awareness about health-related topics/issues. As a leader of IHC, Flora hopes to help expand IHC's outreach further by building their network and collaborating with other pre-health/medical organizations on and off-campus as well as getting more graduate/professional school students connected with IHC. In the future, she aspires to become a physician as well as a clinical professor in order to support, mentor, and encourage students to take action in helping alleviate disparities in underserved communities. 

Cristina Diaz - Clinic Director.heic

Vice President

Cristina is a recent graduate from UCSD with a Molecular and Cell Biology major and a Spanish Literature minor. In her free time Cristina loves to play video games, read, go to the beach, and birdwatching. One of the major reasons she loves IHC is the focus on community based healthcare and the relationships she has made through the organization. She has worked as a member of both the Pharmacy team and Sex Education team, and more recently as Co-Clinic Director of the Tijuana-Progreso Clinic. As Vice President, she wishes to continue supporting both board and general members, as well as strengthening our ties with our clinics down in Mexico.

Lynn Diem Vo - Adminstrative Director.jpeg

President, CEO & CFO

Lynn graduated from UCSD with a degree in Human Biology and a minor in Environmental Systems. She plans on pursuing a career in medicine. In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, cooking, and spending time outdoors doing activities such as camping, hiking, and sightseeing. Lynn joined IHC because of their mission to alleviate disparates in the San Diego - Tijuana region by providing sustainable healthcare and resources to the communities that they serve. As a leader and member of IHC, Lynn hopes to contribute innovative and creative ideas to further the way IHC provides healthcare and builds rapport with the communities IHC works with. Through her support in climate action policies and sustainable development goals, she strives to one day bridge the gap between the effects of climate change and healthcare in underserved communities.

StaceyNguyen-EHR PM.heic
Jacqueline Ngo -Administrative Director.jpeg

Administrative Director

Jackie is a fourth year Human Biology major and Global Health minor at UCSD. She aspires to become a physician and work with underserved communities and kids. She was drawn to IHC’s mission in emphasizing sustainability when it comes to providing healthcare. Jackie is passionate in expanding access to quality healthcare and alleviating health disparities through education, and hopes to make a large impact in medicine through these avenues. As a leader, she hopes to empower individuals to make lasting change through connection and constant growth. In her free time, Jackie enjoys exploring new places, playing piano/guitar, lounging at coffee shops, and reading. At the heart of everything she does, Jackie enjoys fostering one-on-one connections, so feel free to strike up a conversation if you see her!


Director of Social Media & Marketing

Delainey is a second-year transfer majoring in General Biology at UCSD. She is planning on pursuing her goal of making an impact in local and global medicine as a PA, hoping to specialize in cardiothoracic surgery. She is people-oriented, strives to lead with service and kindness, and plans to demonstrate that with her involvement in IHC Leadership and beyond. She joined IHC because of her deep alignment with IHC's pursuit of equitable healthcare for underserved communities with a culturally conscious approach to medicine. In her first year with IHC, she served as the Co-Fundraising Chair and was inspired to assume a more involved role as the Director of Social Media and Marketing. She strongly believes that with intentional marketing, IHC's mission will be amplified and will draw more involvement in the UCSD community and beyond, therefore cultivating a larger impact on the communities that IHC serves.

Mohnish Alishala -Director of Community Health Worker Program (1).heic

Director of Community Health Worker Program

Mohnish is an incoming third year majoring in human biology. He plans on applying to medical school and eventually becoming a physician focusing on either family medicine or internal medicine. He was previously the project manager of the orphanage project and worked to create education workshops for the children at the orphanage. Mohnish joined IHC because he loved the supportive environment IHC has created with its members and their goal to help underserved populations. He aims to contribute creative ideas that can hopefully expand IHC’s network and connections.

Hannah Cordeiro - Director of Local Action .jpeg

Director of Local Action

Hannah is a third year at UCSD majoring in public health with a concentration in epidemiology and minoring in psychology. She plans on graduating at the end of this year and hopes to continue her education in pursuit of an MPH. Hannah aspires to work in community health to increase healthcare access and health prevention efforts in underserved communities. She is

passionate about health promotion, mental health awareness, and working towards health equity. She joined IHC because she was intrigued by the enthusiasm of the community of members and the many opportunities to gain hands-on experience in health research and implementation. As Director of Local Action, she hopes to foster a greater connection between IHC and local San Diego communities in order to best meet the health needs of our community members.

Han Mai - Director of Local Action .jpeg

Director of Local Action

Han is a third-year Human Biology major and Education Studies minor at UCSD. She hopes to apply to PA school for primary care while also continuing her passion working with youth in STEM education. As Director of Local Action, Han supports several IHC project managers to help them be successful in their efforts of tackling several San Diego Community needs. Since joining IHC during her sophomore year, Han appreciates how being part of IHC allows her to learn more about the significance of community systems in establishing healthcare, and enjoys being a part of a team that’s creating a long-lasting impact. In her free time, she enjoys trying new recipes, working on Seventh College Student Council, and watching baseball!

Cecilia Lee - Director of San Juanico.jpeg
Joy Vivar -Director of San Juanico .jpeg


Stacey is a second-year Neurobiology major at UCSD. She enjoys cooking with her family, watching shows, and walking her dog in her free time. Stacey hopes to one day pursue a career as a physician that promotes bridging together her passions for education and health. She is inspired by IHC’s mission of empowering members to create long-term impacts in underserved communities through projects that provide access to care and spread awareness about mental health and nutrition. IHC’s perspective on holistic health encourages Stacey to make healthcare more accessible by amplifying the voices of minority groups and partnering with community leaders.

IHC profile pic.jpg

Director of San Juanico

Cecilia graduated from UCSD with a BS in Molecular Biology and hopes to work with underserved populations as a primary care provider in the future. She has been involved with IHC for more than 3 years, and has served as Virtual Clinic Lead and Fundraising Chair in the past. Cecilia was initially drawn to IHC because of its focus on sustainable and holistic care for the communities it serves, but stayed because of the inspiring students and volunteers she met. As Director of San Juanico Clinic, she hopes to make healthcare more equitable in all regions, but especially rural and vulnerable communities. In her free time, you can find Cecilia enjoying the outdoors (with lots of sunscreen!) or gardening with her mom.

Director of San Juanico

Joy is  a third year Global Health major. She transferred to UCSD from MiraCosta Community College in the Fall of 2021. She is pursuing a career in medicine with a focus on women's health with hopes to be an OB-GYN. She has been with IHC for a year now participating in the Orphanage Project and volunteering for Clinic in TJ. Joy is excited to take on her new role as Co-Clinic Director of San Juanico, and she looks forward to being a part of the clinic and practicing her Spanish while engaging with the local community. In her free time she enjoys reading, going on walks with my dog, or cooking!


Zach graduated with a BS in Human Biology from UCSD and is currently studying to receive his MA  in Global Health. He aspires to be a physician that emphasizes the role of health journalism and its representation within transnational health initiatives. He has been a part of IHC for two years, where he spent most of his time as a translator for the clinics in Tijuana. As the journalist this year he hopes to document, highlight, and celebrate the innovative health outreach IHC has in store this cycle. In his free time, he makes food reels for his Instagram, check him out @zaqmanalo

Jay Patel - Virtual Clinic PM.jpeg
Cristina Mora - Clinic Director.jpeg
Eric Nguyen - Pharmacy Director.jpeg

Director of TJP Clinic

Jay is a 4th year student at UCSD studying neurobiology and pursuing medical research in pancreatic and appendix cancer treatment. His goal is to become a medical doctor practicing in a hospital setting. When he is not studying or in the lab you can find him basketball on the basketball court, or listening to podcasts and audiobooks. He joined IHC because he was drawn by the organization's commitment to alleviate health care disparities in the local SD community as well as communities across the border. He was specifically interested in the organization's trans-border impact and became more involved in those activities by assuming the role of Virtual Clinic Project manager over the past year. As the next director of TJ Clinic he would like to continue IHC’s commitment to provide healthcare services to the TJ progreso community while providing meaningful experiences to IHC student members. As a leader, he believes that it is his responsibility to mediate relationships between our members and recruited healthcare


Director of TJP Clinic

Cristina graduated from UC Berkeley 2013 and received her master’s in Regenerative Medicine in 2019, where she studied how the human brain develops. Currently, she is investigating the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disorders as a Research Associate at UCSD. Cristina believes that everyone deserves access to high quality competent care regardless of socioeconomic status or national borders, thus she deeply values IHC’s mission. As Clinic Director, she aspires to develop innovative ways alongside community members to increase the health of communities. She’s passionate about increasing health literacy and loves empowering patients to live healthy lives. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family, reading, practicing yoga, and being a dog mom!

Director of Pharmacy

Eric is a recent graduate with degrees in Neurobiology/Music and Psychology minor from UCSD. He aspires to be a surgeon. In his free time, Eric loves to try out new restaurants, play video games/music, and watch anime. He has been part of several IHC projects since his second year at UCSD. As pharmacy director, Eric oversees the pharmacy in IHC’s monthly clinics in Tijuana, organizes pharmacy inventory, and assists with some IHC projects. One of his favorite IHC memories involves going in-person to IHC’s fully-packed clinics before the pandemic. He strives to continue to serve and support the San Diego-Tijuana community alongside other members.

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