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Weena Joshi, M.D.

Chief Faculty Advisor & Clinical Director

Weena Joshi is a pediatrician at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and Faculty at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. Weena has been with the International Health Collective since its inception and her experience and guidance has allowed IHC to become what it is today.

Jia Shen, MD, MPH

Faculty Advisor & Clinical Director

Jia Shen is a board-certified cardiologist who specializes in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. As an assistant professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Shen’s research interests include cardiac rehabilitation, global burden of cardiovascular disease and risk factors, distribution of cardiovascular health services in low-resource settings, and biomarkers in cardiovascular disease.

Board of Directors



Javier is a recent graduate of UCSD in Physiology and Neuroscience and has a passion for working with under-served communities. His Latin roots and connection to Mexico are some of the driving factors in his commitment to IHC and its communities. As a leader he wants to see the organization continue to grow alongside the communities it serves. Javier plans to pursue a career in healthcare and will likely continue to work in the nonprofit sector.


Co-Vice President

 Lucas is a recent UCSD graduate, and 5 year member of IHC. Lucas strongly believes that IHC is a role-model for how organizations can support the growth of social relations and institutions such as medicine and education in communities that demonstrate a need, and to do so in a sustainable and non-invasive way. In his new role as Co-Vice president, he plans to continue to strengthen IHC’s bonds with all the communities we serve. 

Ashle Du

Co-Vice President

Ashley is a recent graduate of the BS/MS program at UCSD. Although previously involved in research and academia, after joining IHC her views on the type of physician she wants to be has changed. By participating in the local action projects IHC has to offer and clinic every month, she has decided that she wants to work in public health and primary care. Her passion for IHC comes from her belief in its holistic mission and the inspiration the board members she works with give her.


Administrative Director

Anh is a fourth year at UCSD majoring in Global Health and International Studies-Anthropology. She enjoys hiking, watching shows and dog-spotting. As this year’s Administrative Director, she hopes to host impactful GBMs to promote education and awareness about social/health issues in the San Diego-TJ community to the IHC community. Anh aspires to follow her passion in the field of public health with the hope of eliminating barriers that impede access to health care and improving health equity. Anh is excited to served alongside IHC members to make lasting impacts in our communities.


Director of Local Action

Rachael Wong is a graduate of the Bioengineering: Biosystems program at UCSD. While her training was in engineering her passion for helping people and global health drove her to seek a more direct way to apply herself to the medical field. After joining IHC a year ago, she found herself inspired and motivated by the people she served and the IHC community as a whole. The diverse experiences of all the members and the humbling nature of the work IHC does have lead Rachael to dedicate herself to grow as a young professional and as a person. Through her position as Director of Local Action, she hopes to bring positive impact to the communities IHC works with.


Director of Pharmacy

Amena will be a 4th year next year studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology and aspires to become a clinical pharmacist to educate, empower, and provide for underserved communities. Amena maintains the pharmacy in our monthly clinics in Tijuana and oversees the Pharmacy Quality Improvement and Medication Education project managers. IHC's mission to help communities become self-sustainable has inspired her to actively work to improve access to healthcare and education to low-resource communities through a holistic approach with empathy and education. She envisions that IHC will not only expand in the quality of care in our clinics, but also in its projects to have a deep lasting impact in the San Diego-Tijuana community to inspire and create leaders, mentors, and activists. 


Director of Community Health Worker Program

Janneiry is a fourth year Human Biology major and Global Health minor at UCSD, striving to be a Pediatrician. When she has down time, she loves watching movies, binge-watching shows, and practicing her photography skills. Janneiry strongly believes in IHC's role of being an advocate for communities that have a lack of access to healthcare in order to help alleviate disparities. As a leader of IHC, Janneiry hopes to continue to build relationships with the community we currently serve, as well as expand to other communities, in order to close the gaps in healthcare access and achieve sustainability. Through education, empowerment, and passion, Janneiry believes that IHC will pave the way for making healthcare more equitable in the communities they serve.

Joan Valls

Director of Community Health Worker Program

Joan envisions that IHC will empower community members with knowledge and resources in order to better their own community. Joan is a recent graduate of UC San Diego and is working on the BS/MS contiguous program in the Shresta Lab. Joan enjoys dancing in his off time and cheap sushi. Joan is part of the UC San Diego Dancesport team and dances competitively. Joan hopes to become a medical doctor and have a large role in organizations that aim to improve healthcare in underserved communities.

Audrianna Chastain

Director of San Juanico Project

Audrianna studied Physiology and Neuroscience at UCSD where she was an NCAA athlete on the Rowing Team. Cows are her favorite animal and she enjoys road trips, baking, and Latin Dancing.  Whether it's her IHC family or the community members we work with, what she loves most about IHC is the meaningful connections to other people and the insight that accompanies those connections. Audrianna's personal mantra is "small things with great love". She is passionate about Women's Health and loves working with infants and children. In her future career as a Physician, she plans on following in the footsteps of other IHC leaders by integrating and maintaining a dedication to service and sustainability.

Madison Campbell_6008 (1)-2 2.JPG

Director of TJP Clinic

Maddie is Public Health major at UCSD and hopes to one day become a Physician Assistant so she can continue to create sustainable approaches to improve health in underserved communities. She works with co-director Kylie to coordinate monthly clinics in Tijuana, México. Maddie went to a bilingual elementary school where Spanish became a very important part of her life early on. As Clinic Director, she strives to be able to use the skills she has learned to alleviate health disparities while utilizing her love for the Spanish language simultaneously. In the next year she hopes to expand IHC so we can reach greater populations in need with the help of other passionate students in the San Diego area. 

IHC Photo_edited.png

Director of TJP Clinic

Kylie recently graduated from UCSD with a BS in Physiology & Neuroscience and hopes to work with underserved populations as a physician one day. What first drew her to IHC was the comprehensive and sustainable approach to healthcare, as well as all of the incredible members whose passion and dedication to service allows IHC to create lasting changes both abroad and locally. As clinic director, she works with Maddie to coordinate monthly clinics to serve the Tijuana community. As a leader, Kylie hopes to help empower other members to get more involved and share their ideas so that we can expand to serve more communities in need. 

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