Project Managers


Nutrition and Fitness Project Manager

Sadaf graduated from UC San Diego in 2020 with a degree in Human Biology and is currently in her gap year. She is interested in becoming a Physician! Currently in the Nutrition and Fitness project, her team is working on making various informative flyers as well as a cookbook filled with balanced and healthy recipes to distribute to the communities we serve. Sadaf loves IHC and this project, because she feels like team members learn the importance of holistic care as students/individuals interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.


Medication Education Project Manager

Sara is currently a third year Molecular and Cell Biology major. She works as a lab assistant at La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Disease, and she has hopes of becoming a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Sara has been involved with this project for over three years! She chose to get involved with this project, because she feel it's incredibly important to accurately educate underserved communities on basic medications to ensure proper usage.


Sex Education Project Manager

Madi graduated from UCSD in March of 2020 with a degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and minored in Psychology. Her goal is to get a Masters in Genetic Counseling. She hope to specialize in prenatal or oncology and eventually transition to biotechnology to manage genetic testing. It’s important to Madi that her team provide culturally sensitive and digestible information when addressing sexual health. This topic can be very personal and sensitive, so she really enjoys playing a part in empowering individuals choices about their bodies. Currently, her team is composing a needs assessment to survey communities in Tijuana to create new workshops and resources

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English Language Class Project Manager

Jasmine graduated from UCSD in 2018, and she plans on applying to medical school in a year or two! For now, she loves overworking  herself in her lab studying learning and memory. In her free time, you will often find her baking sweets late at night, reading books, playing with her dogs or watching dramas. Jasmine enjoys being in ELC, because she loves being around and having fun with the children in clinic. One of her favorite memories was laying on the ground with one of the children, while the little girl finished coloring and started bonding with her! Despite not speaking the same language, Jasmine loves how we were still able to connect through our arts and crafts. 


English Language Class Project Manager

Joshua graduated in 2019 and is currently enjoying his gap year applying to Master of Education programs! He wants to eventually become an elementary school teacher and teach kids the importance of self-acceptance and a passion for learning. In his free time, Joshua likes to rock climb, play video games, and most importantly, weave time and reality into existence through the humble pastime of Dungeons and Dragons! He loves being Project Manager for ELC, especially because of the unforgettable interactions, the energy the team brings, and the creative activities the team gets to complete together. Joshua can't wait to welcome more members and create some more fun memories!


Electronic Health Records Project Manager

Natalie Quach is a third year Applied Math major and Data Science minor. Natalie aspires to go to grad school in the future. She'll keep us posted on her grad plans! This is her second year and going with EHR. She chose to get involved with EHR, because she wanted to use her experience to help support the organization of data in IHC and help discover meaningful insights from the data collected at clinics. She also enjoys the interactions with her team and with the communities we serve. Natalie welcomes new members to her team and is always open to ideas!


Suicide Prevention Project Manager

Grace Nguyen is a 3rd year Marshall College student on the pre-med track majoring in General Biology. Currently, she is also a research assistant at the Raffatellu Lab. The Suicide Prevention Project has allowed her to give back to the San Diego community via mental health resources, suicide awareness programs, and QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) sessions educating students about the warning signs of a suicide crisis. Grace chose to get involved with the Suicide Prevention Project, because she want to raise suicide awareness and educate others on how to recognize suicidal behavior and maintain good mental health.


Food Recovery Project Manager

Terry graduated from UC San Diego in 2020 with a degree in General Biology. She is planning on applying to dental school in a year or two! She loves working with the team's project members to find creative methods of decreasing food waste and raising awareness about food insecurity. Terry is stoked to bring more members to the team and hearing new ideas! 

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Food Recovery Project Manager

Kaylauni Cisneros is a third year student on the pre-med track. In her free time, you can find her iceskating, eating frozen yogurt, or hanging out with her friends and family. Kaylauni has been a part of IHC for a while now and enjoys seeing the organization and her project grow! Her favorite part of being Food Recovery Project Manager are the food runs! It's an insightful experience that demonstrates how much food is truly wasted daily, and it teaches members actionable steps to prevent said food waste.