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Project Managers

Fiza Jiwani (STEM Ed Project).png

STEM Education Project Manager

Fiza is a 3rd year UCSD student majoring in Human Biology. She plans on applying to medical school and hopes to be involved in either clinical research or in the surgical field. She is also currently a part of the Suicide Prevention project and hopes to spread awareness regarding mental health during her time in IHC. Fiza joined the STEM Education project with the goal of introducing younger students to all that STEM has to offer and she plans on implementing lesson plans from every field through hands-on class projects. She is very excited about this project and can't wait to meet and work with new members!

Kimberly Yin STEM Education Project Manager_edited.jpg

STEM Education Project Manager

Kimberly graduated from UCSD with a degree in Human Biology. She is currently pursuing a Senior Honors Thesis with the Zarrinpar Lab, and studies the microbiome and cardiovascular disease. Kimberly hopes to pursue a career in medicine and medical teaching. She has been an organic chemistry workshop tutor for the past couple years, and absolutely love helping others learn. Kimberly also love working with kids, and she is super excited to be working alongside Fiza to create STEM-themed workshops for local San Diego elementary schools. Exposure to the sciences at an early age was pivotal in her love for research today, and she want to inspire the next generation to pursue their interests in STEM.


Orphanage Project Manager

Elaine is a 2nd year student at UCSD majoring in human biology. In the future, she plans to attend medical school with hopes of being a pediatrician or plastic surgeon. She is also a dancer on the UCSD Dance Team, and in her free time you can find her learning to surf and trying yummy restaurants around San Diego. Elaine joined the orphanage project because she has a passion for working with children and teaching them about important topics. Her goals for this year include creating several new workshops, both digital and in-person with a trip down to the orphanage!

Ayumi Bindley - Motherhood.jpeg
Ankit Macherla Nutrition and Fitness Project Manager.jpeg
Mehul Chowdarapu_Nutrition&FitnessPM.jpeg

Nutrition and Fitness Project Manager

Mehul graduated from UCSD in 2018 with a degree in Human Biology. He aspires to be a physician and will be applying to medical school in the near future. As a PM, Mehul hopes to create an accessible and informational recipe book for the communities we serve. He is passionate about the Nutrition and Fitness project because, as a vegetarian, diet has been a huge part of his identity. It was something he struggled with in the past but was able to overcome this obstacle. Due to this, Mehul wants to help others have accessible information and resources to help others with their dietary needs

Nutrition and Fitness Project Manager

Ankit is currently a 2nd year human biology major in Sixth college. As of right now, he is on the pre-med track and aspires to go to medical school. Over the past few years, he has definitely gained a passion for nutrition and fitness and believes that it is the basis of achieving and maintaining good and proper health. He feels like he can pass on his passion and curiosity for nutrition and fitness as a project manager for this project. Ankit is looking forward to starting new projects in the coming quarters and making new memories with the team and the people we serve.

Motherhood Project Manager

Ayumi graduated from UCSD with a major in Neurobiology and minor in Human Development Sciences. She hopes to apply to graduate school for nursing and eventually pursue a career as a midwife or neonatal nurse practitioner. Ayumi felt that the Motherhood Project would be a great way to reach out to mothers in the community to provide them with information that could help them feel at ease as they start or continue to grow their families. She hopes other members will join in on this new project to help break down the facets of pregnancy and the postpartum period into accessible pamphlets to address the worries of mothers in the community.

Clara Hess - Suicide Prevention PM.png

Suicide Prevention Project Manager

Clara graduated from UCSD in 2021, majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Global Health. She currently works a medical scribe for a community clinic serving low income patients. In her free time she enjoys dancing, baking, and spending time with friends. Her interest in promoting community mental health and in normalizing mental health care drew her to the Suicide Prevention Project, and as co-project manager, Clara looks forward to continuing to grow the project and making an impact in San Diego County.

Suicide Prevention Project Manager

Grace is a recent graduate from UC San Diego with a degree in General Biology. She dreams to pursue a career in medicine. Currently, Grace works as a research assistant at the Raffatellu Lab studying the gut microbiome. The Suicide Prevention Project has allowed her to give back to the San Diego community via mental health resources, suicide awareness programs, and QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) sessions educating students about the warning signs of a suicide crisis. Grace chose to get involved with the Suicide Prevention Project because she wants to raise suicide awareness and educate others on how to recognize suicidal behavior and maintain good mental health.

Pharmacy Quality Improvement
Project Manager

Eric is a recent graduate with degrees in Neurobiology/Music and Psychology minor from UCSD. He aspires to be a surgeon. In his free time, Eric loves to try out new restaurants, play video games/music, and watch anime. He has been part of several IHC projects since his second year at UCSD. As the Director and Project Manager of Pharmacy, Eric oversees the pharmacy during IHC’s monthly clinics in Tijuana, organizes pharmacy inventory, and assists with some IHC projects. One of his favorite IHC memories involves going in-person to IHC’s fully-packed clinics before the pandemic. He strives to continue to serve and support the San Diego-Tijuana community alongside other members.


Clinic Project Manager

Hailey is a recent UCSD graduate with degrees in both Biochemistry and Global Health. She aspires to pursue medicine and hopes to continue getting involved in global health projects to promote health equity in the local communities and the global world. Hailey is honored to be one of the project managers for the Tijuana Clinic and she hopes to contribute by creating an interactive and comfortable environment where patients feel at home.  Besides medicine, Hailey is interested in learning about different cultures and languages. She hopes to explore the world, meet people, and learn about different cultures.

Medication Education & Clinic Project Manager

Michelle is a 2nd year Global Health major with a minor in Health Care-Social Issues. She is currently on the pre-medical track with interests in pediatrics, global medicine, and emergency medicine. Michelle hopes to work in underserved communities while striving for health equity and is incredibly excited to serve as the project manager for both the Tijuana Clinic and the Medication Education project. Her goals in IHC are to educate and provide accessible health consults and resources for the San Diego-Tijuana community and to create meaningful connections with its members and patients. In her free time, Michelle enjoys volunteering, reading, going to the beach, and spending time with her loved ones.

Sex Education Project Manager

Ramya is currently a 2nd year Human Biology major and Psychology minor in Revelle College. She is currently on the pre-med track and aspires to go to medical school in the future. It is important to Ramya that her team helps improve the quality of sexual education that is being taught to students in our local communities and the communities IHC supports in Tijuana. She has been passionate about sexual health since middle school, as she felt that too often, the narrative was centered around abstinence rather than safe sex. This topic can be very sensitive and difficult for younger students to digest, so she really enjoys teaching students more about their own bodies and how their reproductive systems function. Ramya is looking forward to starting new projects in the upcoming year and creating more memories with the people in IHC and the communities we serve. 

StaceyNguyen-EHR PM.heic

Electronic Health Records Project Manager

Stacey is currently a 2nd year Neurobiology major. She hopes to one day pursue a career that integrates her passions for health and education. In her free time, Stacey enjoys going on walks with her dog, trying new pasta recipes, and watching reality TV. As the Electronic Health Records project manager, Stacey looks forward to finding more effective ways to gather clinic information so that more reliable and detailed clinic reports can be made. She was drawn to the collaborative nature of the EHR team and hopes to continue building that sense of community this year.

Neal Jha - Electronic Health Records Project Manager.jpeg

Electronic Health Records Project Manager

Neal is a 2nd year undergraduate biochemistry student at UCSD. He aspires to attend medical school and become a physician in the future. He currently works as an EMT and loves providing comforting patient care in a pre/post-hospital setting, during what is often a frightening time in someone's life. After attending TJP clinic multiple times, he has noticed similarities and patterns with diagnoses, often along the lines of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With the EHR project, he desires to consolidate this data to reflect on IHC's community interventions and draw public health conclusions. Neal's favorite memory with IHC is accidentally admitting himself to the trunk inspection lane at the US-Mexico border.

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