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Community Health Worker Program

A large part of our goal with our Community Health Worker Program (CHWP) is to create modules for education that can be easily learned and taught by community members.


CHWP Nutrition Project 

This project aims to work with community members to learn lifestyle changes and healthy recipes to promote nutrition that is attainable, affordable, and healthy.


Electronic Health Records

This project seeks to create an electronic medical record system to replace the current system of paper files and folders. Completion should help improve efficiency and organization of clinic. Previous work has been done with Design For America and Triton Software Engineering to code the software. Current needs are to reconnect with the organizations to receive updates and clarify current stage of developments.


Pharmacy Improvement & Medication Education

This project focuses on troubleshooting problems and developing methods on how we can improve the efficiency within the pharmacy at IHC’s TJP clinic and then implementing those solutions during clinics so that patients receive the most time-efficient care. We are also continually looking for drug sources, reaching out to and partnering with local pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.


Suicide Prevention

San Diego has the highest rate of youth suicide per capita in the entire United States. IHC is working on researching which youth are most at risk and what sort of interventions exist for them, with the  aim to diminish the suicide rate in the county. Future plans include hosting professionally-led suicide intervention trainings, education outreach to local schools, and supporting established suicide-prevention organizations. Our goal is to reduce San Diego’s high suicide rate and minimize its consequences on its respective population. 


Clinic Project

Our members will assist the clinic team by managing behind the scene tasks and planning for the monthly clinic visits to facilitate the running of the clinic. Members will also participate in funding through fundraisers, compiling local resources for patients, helping the Clinic Directors with provider recruitment, and creating quarterly progress reports that summarize the demographics and needs of our clinic’s patients. Members of the Clinic Project will be given priority for scribing, shadowing, and triaging in the clinic. Great opportunity to work closely with our Clinic Directors and team!  Meetings will be held virtually through zoom or in-person, as the situation allows.


Sex Education

Teen pregnancy incidents in Mexico have increased dramatically in the past year, along with the number of HIV diagnoses in Tijuana, Mexico. Preventative measures, both in health education and medicine, have proven to have a positive outcome in lowering percentages of teen pregnancies and HIV cases. This project is meant to teach community members on the importance of sexual and reproductive health in a fun, interactive and feasible way while simultaneously educating the community.

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Orphanage Project

The Orphanage project serves as the liaison for an orphanage close to TJP/Girasoles, called Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Los Ángeles. This new project would involve brainstorming plans to support this community and maintaining direct communication with the orphanage. A needs assessment has been done, and as of now, the primary responsibility would be organizing patient files electronically. This project will likely entail spending time with the kids, participating in educational workshops and clinics at the site in the future, and coordinating supplies to be taken to the community.

Orphanage Project3.jpeg

STEM Education Project

STEM Education focuses on enriching the education of elementary schools in underserved communities. This project’s mission is to expose young children to the subjects of STEM through interactive activities. Every workshop aims to not only teach something new, but to also create an environment that encourages exploration. Overall, this project has a lasting impact as it fosters interest in STEM fields amongst all the students. 


Motherhood Project

This project aims to address women’s health and the aspects of motherhood, particularly pertaining to pregnancy and the post-partum period. When it comes to healthy pregnancy and raising a healthy and happy baby, there can be so much uncertainty that new parents struggle with. The motherhood project hopes to inform women about how to best take care of themselves and their children as they start this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

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