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This project aims to work with community members to learn lifestyle changes and healthy recipes to promote nutrition that is attainable, affordable, and healthy.


An effort to consolidate the data collected at each monthly clinic and draw meaningful conclusions regarding our impact on the community and suggest methods of improvement to the services we currently offer. 


An IHC team dedicated to improving and managing pharmacy operations. This team also aims to assess access to pharmaceuticals and educate the community on common medications.

This program aims to increase knowledge and understanding of comprehensive Sexual/Reproductive Health in TJP, as well as train TJP community members to be Sexual/ Reproductive Health program facilitators.

San Diego has the highest rate of youth suicide per capita in the entire United States. IHC is working on research regarding which youth group is most at risk and what sort of interventions exist for them.


A large part of our goal with our Community Health Worker Program (CHWP) is to create modules for education that can be easily learned and taught by community members.


This program aims to increase the accessibility of healthcare even during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, the virtual clinic project serves our TJP community and aims to provide service to communities beyond. 

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The orphanage project aims to support an orphanage nearby TJP/Girasoles by acting as a liaison and supporting the community. We hope to grow this project into providing educational workshops to the children.

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STEM Education Project

The STEM Education Project aims to support students interested in science, technology, engineering and math.