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Arimi Nguyen, Director of Pharmacy & Clinic


My name is Arimi Nguyen and I'm 23 years old. I graduated from UCSD in June of 2016 and was a Psychology major with a specialization in human health. My hobbies include people watching which explains why I'm kind of obsessed with vlogs because they're basically the virtual version of that.

I find it really interesting to question why people do the things they do, what drives them to have certain thought processes, and ultimately what gives their lives meaning. I also love to write and dream of one day publishing my own book. A fun fact about me is that I'm a huge bargain hunter so I don't have any clothing items that are over $15. My spirit animal is a gremlin or a schmeagle. Star sign? Sailor Moon.

Srsly personal questions:

I got involved with IHC when I first transferred to UCSD as a third year. The org found me during a tough transition time in my life where I was uncertain of my potential to become a physician. It was truly a blessing in disguise because the motivation I found through my admiration of its mission found me one summer later traveling to Nepal, finishing an intensive 21-day EMT course, and getting hired as an EMT for Insomniac's music festivals. Currently, I serve as one of the Directors of Pharmacy & Clinic and am involved with the Clinic Statistics and Efficiency Project (i.e. Clinic Team).

I would have to say one of my favorite memories with IHC is of our first Big Bear Trip. Nothing beats pruning in the hot-tub until 4 a.m., breaking into k-pop sing-alongs, and learning how to salsa drunk. I have a soft spot for underdogs so am often inspired by those who defy the odds against them and find their roads to success. I aspire to be someone who helps catalyze this process for people. And lastly, as a teen I tended to always end up in sticky situations when I tried to "break the rules". I secretly got my cartilage pierced when I was 15 but ended up in the ER five days later due to it getting infected. Worth it? Totally.

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