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Joseph Breuer, Project Manager

Joe Breuer

Age: 23

Master of Biology Student, UCSD

Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, swimming, making music, watching GOT

Spirit Animal: Velociraptor

How/Why did you get involved with IHC?

With so many possibilities to get involved here in San Diego, and not to say San Diego and its population do not deserve all the medical help they can get, we often overlook the fact that we border a nation that does not have these same available resources. IHC is one of the select programs for students that does not ignore this. And more importantly, IHC acknowledges that medicine and healthcare go well beyond simply curing disease. Good healthcare promotes a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Good healthcare, like knowledge, is not merely curing the fact, but rather provides the necessary information to go and make active changes in a society to prevent health issues as a whole. IHC preaches this moto, and it is one that is perfectly in line with my values.

What projects are you currently involved with?

I am a co-leader for the English Language Class. I love teaching and have always tried to get involved with educating others. As a new project, it has been a privilege to be an architect and help develop the roots of the ELC.

What was your proudest achievement/favorite moment with IHC?

I am rather new to IHC, however, I could instantly see how IHC stood out from the rest of programs with similar agendas , working side-by-side with people who genuinely and passionately care for the sustained well-being of others.

What have you learned from your experiences with IHC and the communities we work with?

As cliché as it sounds, going to clinic has taught me to not take our medical resources for granted. However, as I continue to be involved and grow within this organization, I wish to gain insight into the deeper meaning of happiness that lives within the community we serve, one that is based on the sense of community itself. Tijuana Progresso as a whole comes off as one of the most friendly and open groups of people I have ever met. I hope to get to know more of the community and establish personal connections that will allow me to experience this form of happiness and grow my understanding of the culture there.

Who inspires/drives you?

Kenyan long-distance runners Moses and Linet Masai lived more than six miles from their schools when they were growing up. Every day, they would run six miles each way every day in order to get their education. Often times, they would even have to run home for lunch and then run back to school for the second half of the day. Whenever I am struggling with anything, I remember that those two represent a greater population of people who face difficulties that far exceed my own everyday, yet still manage to fight through these hardships in order to fulfill their potential.

What is your passion?

My secret passion is skiing. It is much more than just a sport/activity to me. I grew up skiing every day before and after school, and to me, it is a culture. During the winter, I often base more than I should in my life around skiing and the weather, often dropping things last minute in order to chase the storms.

What are your life/career aspirations?

I applied for medical school (finally)! I have been working with people in a health care setting for almost five years now and I never get tired of it. I could not imagine myself doing anything else. IHC has definitely contributed to me achieving this. Getting involved beyond the community in which I live in has further solidified my ultimate desire of working in an underdeveloped part of the world someday.

Tell us a funny or embarrassing story!

My first clinic, everyone showed up in scrubs and I showed up in my street clothes. I found it rather humorous.

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