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Diving for Food

IHC members Diana Naamo, Jesse Tai, Cameron Ormiston, Matthew Chan, and myself ventured out to various grocery stores in San Diego for IHC's first dumpster dive of the year!

First, we stopped by Ralph's next to campus and found a plethora of perfect florals and arrangements that were

disposed of. Check out the photo for some

of the flowers we rescued! (Orchids, roses,

eucalyptus, etc.).

Next, we visited the dumpster behind Zion Marketplace and Paris Baguette. Here, we were able to acquire vegetables, fruit, pastries, cookies, pastries, as well as sandwiches!

At Food4Less, one of our last stops, Cameron noticed a woman in the area walking alone, who appeared to be homeless, and graciously offered her food,

to which she happily accepted. Way to go!

The remainder of the food was donated to the Triton Pantry on campus at UCSD!

I had such a fun and incredible time working with Diana, Jesse, Cameron, and Matt to recover the florals and food that would have otherwise, gone to waste.

The best part about dumpster diving lies in the mystery of never knowing what you'll find, and I was definitely not expecting any florals or anything at all (since it can be a hit or miss!).

'Till next time!

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