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Exceptional Joe

This past year Joe has been such a great addition to the IHC family. He has been a dedicated, responsible, and just an amazing member overall. Joe has been present for many IHC events including GBMs and multiple clinics. He has taken on the project manager position for the English Language Class and has been very successful. With his leadership he and his team created an IHC loteria game where the children at the clinic can learn English.

Joe is also courageous. After hearing how the the IHC family was in need of drivers, Joe immediately became an IHC driver to give other members the chance to attend clinic.

For every clinic, Joe has such a positive and enthusiastic energy that is contagious. He takes initiative and is always willing to help by setting up equipment, working at triage, and cleaning up after clinic. Thank you Joe for all of your help! We truly appreciate how dedicated you are to IHC.

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