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Getting the Information Across

Currently I am on the Pharmacy team within IHC. At first I though that the team would mainly consist of counting pills and getting sponsors to help fund the needs of our patients. Although, I quickly realized and fell in love with the community outreach aspect of our team. Not only do we desire to gather the medications necessary for our patients, but also wish to teach them about the affects, characteristics, and purpose of their drugs.

This is the aspect of medicine that truly excites me. When people step out of their way to educate and allow the patient to truly understand their conditions and prognosis, rather then simply handing them pills and telling them it will get better. The lack of understanding between patient and physician is a significant reason why many illnesses go untreated or improperly treated for so long. For instance, one of my team members spoke to a woman who drives thirty minutes to one pharmacy, because the one that is only five minutes away gave her medication that gave her diarrhea when she thought she only had a cold. If the woman had properly understood the medication she was taking and its side effects, she could save herself from the inconvenience.

Additionally, teaching patients about the medications in conjunction with their condition and life style changes that would assist in their care. Many people do not understand that when they have certain conditions, some things that may be deemed healthy are actually not for them or that you don'

t have to run a six minute mile in order to get some exercise, a mere five minute walk is more then plenty compared to nothing. Hopefully, alongside the help of others, not only will IHC be able to help patients understand their medications, but also a general sense of holistic care that will benefit them in the long run and bridge the gap between ourselves and our patients.

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