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Letter from the President

Hello world,

Welcome to the International Health Collective's brand new website, I’m glad you’ve found the blog! Here you’ll be able to read first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work with this unique organization. Here's a bit about my life with IHC…

My experiences with this organization continually reaffirm my faith in humanity and desire to work in healthcare. Being a part of IHC allows me to help make a positive impact in communities with real need. In a world of "voluntourism," IHC takes time to understand the needs of a community and provide continuity of care. We aim to empower existing community leaders with knowledge and skills to create change that is locally-based and lasting.

When I first joined IHC, I dreamed that some day we would serve local communities in San Diego, in addition to our work across the border and abroad. It is important not to turn a blind eye to those who are suffering in our own communities and I strive to acknowledge problems in my own backyard as well as those in distant locations. I’m excited to say that we are currently implementing large-scale local projects here in San Diego! For example…

This fall marks the start of our Peer Mentorship program for English-learning students at Clairemont High School. The program aims to promote higher education by arming students with the tools to navigate financial aid, the application process, and various options. We strongly believe in the power and importance of education for one's health and well-being. As an organization of students and alumni, many IHC members feel that college has personally impacted their lives and wish to share their experiences with others.

In fact, IHC was founded by two undergraduates at UC San Diego in 2013, with help from a team of other talented students. Some of those original members are still actively involved with the organization today and have witnessed its growth from a small student org to a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit! (A few of those OG members have joined IHC’s Leadership, check out the page about Our Team *hint hint*).

We are working on several other projects this year in addition to the few I've mentioned—we’re building a community garden in Tijuana Progreso and expanding the Community Health Worker program, PLUS more local projects and did I even mention Scorpion Bay?? There’s just too much to talk about it all here, but I’m stoked to share more of our work with you in the near future.

Looking forward to another great year in IHC’s history!

Hasta luego,


P.S. isn’t the website great?! Shoutout to VP Javier Flores for being ~*awesome*~

P.P.S. This photo was taken in Scorpion Bay, more photos, stories, and details soon!

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