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Shout-out to Daryn!

Aside from the clinical aspect of IHC, the welcoming, service-orienting organization is also full of wonderful people. One of these people who I want to acknowledge and give gratitude to is the president of the organization, Daryn Longman. I first met Daryn 3 years ago when she was my TA for a biology class. Her friendliness, enthusiastic, and positivity were some characteristics that amazed me. Two years later when I joined IHC, I still admire the passion, energy, and exuberance that Daryn contributes to IHC as well as towards the people she interacts with – from members of the organization to the patients in Tijuana.

During GBMs, she strives to bring in guest speakers to give us advice as well as aim to strengthen bonds among us. At clinics, she made sure that we, as volunteer members, have a great experience and ensure that our feedback and ideas are heard. Aside from the clinical skills I learned by participating in clinics and the shadowing opportunities I have gained, I am super grateful grateful to meet extraordinary people, to acquire useful advice from these people, and to learn interesting things from them. I can’t wait for another wonderful year of IHC!

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