October 25, 2018

Arina Alexeeva

Master’s Student at UCSD specializing on Alzheimer’s Disease

Star sign: Aquarius

Spirit Animal: Hedgehog

Fun Fact: I am from Siberia

How/Why did you get involved with IHC?

IHC’s dedication to creating change via a culturally aware and sustainable manner caught...

October 25, 2018

Joe Breuer

Age: 23

Master of Biology Student, UCSD

Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, swimming, making music, watching GOT

Spirit Animal: Velociraptor

How/Why did you get involved with IHC?

With so many possibilities to get involved here in San Diego, and not to say San Diego and...

Name: Jennifer Le

Age: 22

Graduation Year: Spring 2017

UCSD College: Earl Warren

Major: General Biology

Hobbies: Hiking, binge watching Netflix shows (P.S. watch Master of None if you haven't yet!), traveling, and reading.

Fun Fact: I've lived in San Diego my entire life, at...


My name is Arimi Nguyen and I'm 23 years old. I graduated from UCSD in June of 2016 and was a Psychology major with a specialization in human health. My hobbies include people watching which explains why I'm kind of obsessed with vlogs because they're basically...

Name: Brian Yeo

Age: 23

Graduation Year: 2016

College: John Muir 

General Biology major

Psychology minor


Fun Fact: I can fold my ear 5 times.

Spirit Animal: Chameleon

Star Sign: Leo

How did you hear about IHC?

     I heard of IHC from a friend in my fraternity during my...

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