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Arimi Nguyen, Director of Pharmacy & Clinic

Basics: My name is Arimi Nguyen and I'm 23 years old. I graduated from UCSD in June of 2016 and was a Psychology major with a specialization in human health. My hobbies include people watching which explains why I'm kind of obsessed with vlogs because they're basically the virtual version of that. I find it really interesting to question why people do the things they do, what drives them to have certain thought processes, and ultimately what gives their lives meaning. I also love to write and dream of one day publishing my own book. A fun fact about me is that I'm a huge bargain hunter so I don't have any clothing items that are over $15. My spirit animal is a gremlin or a schmeagle. Star si

Brian Yeo, Project Manager

Name: Brian Yeo Age: 23 Graduation Year: 2016 College: John Muir General Biology major Psychology minor Hobbies: Fun Fact: I can fold my ear 5 times. Spirit Animal: Chameleon Star Sign: Leo How did you hear about IHC? I heard of IHC from a friend in my fraternity during my 3rd year. He told me if I liked helping people and enjoyed eating bomb TJ tacos, then this organization was something I should look into. He wasn’t a STEM major, but yet he talked so passionately about how amazing his experiences with IHC were. I wanted to see first-hand what he was talking about. What projects are you currently involved with? I am currently working on a community wellness project, where IHC members engage

Great Job Patrick!

Patrick Esmende did a fantastic job during the October Clinic. Before clinic opened he sat down with a few members and showed them how to take vital signs. Throughout the clinic Patrick assisted the triage tables by bringing in patients, taking vital signs and assisting the lead EMT. With his down to earth personality and leadership skills, Patrick helped make clinic more efficient and successful. Thanks Patti!

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