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Jennifer Le, Director of Local Action

Name: Jennifer Le Age: 22 Graduation Year: Spring 2017 UCSD College: Earl Warren Major: General Biology Hobbies: Hiking, binge watching Netflix shows (P.S. watch Master of None if you haven't yet!), traveling, and reading. Fun Fact: I've lived in San Diego my entire life, at most 15 minutes away from the beach, and I've never learned how to swim. Spirit animal: Chameleon Star Sign: Pisces How did you get involved with IHC? I've been fortunate to have been a part of this amazing organization since the year it was founded in 2013. I first heard about the organization from my aunt, who served on the board during the inaugural year, loved its mission statement and decided to apply. One of the be

Lily the Leader

During the November clinic Lily Marquez demonstrated her leadership skills. She found out that clinic was in need of Spanish translators and drivers. She instantly took initiative and contacted her friend Maria to volunteer as a Spanish translator. Maria was very helpful at clinic translating for both EMTs and physicians. Lily also was able to manage her own triage station during the start of clinic and she also found a future driver for IHC. Both Lily and Maria were essential in making clinic successful. Lily did a great job and she has the potential to be a future leader of IHC. Thank you Lily for your hard work!

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