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Diving for Food

IHC members Diana Naamo, Jesse Tai, Cameron Ormiston, Matthew Chan, and myself ventured out to various grocery stores in San Diego for IHC's first dumpster dive of the year! First, we stopped by Ralph's next to campus and found a plethora of perfect florals and arrangements that were disposed of. Check out the photo for some of the flowers we rescued! (Orchids, roses, eucalyptus, etc.). Next, we visited the dumpster behind Zion Marketplace and Paris Baguette. Here, we were able to acquire vegetables, fruit, pastries, cookies, pastries, as well as sandwiches! At Food4Less, one of our last stops, Cameron noticed a woman in the area walking alone, who appeared to be homeless, and graciously of

Hello all, I was fortunate enough to attend the December 2017 Scorpion Bay trip. I suppose there are a lot of different angles from which to approach learning something from the trip, but for now I want to talk about Earthquake. Earthquake is a man we met shortly before returning to the states, and the prominent aspect of his life that we came across was his care of animals. He was in the habit of buying horses from the nearby area and training them. Beyond teaching behavior and utility to the horses, he gave them what he described as love. Within that feeling of love was food, shelter, attention, reassurance, perseverance, and compassion. The aforementioned character traits practically radi

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