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Arina Alexeeva, Project Manager

Arina Alexeeva Master’s Student at UCSD specializing on Alzheimer’s Disease Star sign: Aquarius Spirit Animal: Hedgehog Fun Fact: I am from Siberia How/Why did you get involved with IHC? IHC’s dedication to creating change via a culturally aware and sustainable manner caught my eye and inspired me to join the organization. I love the emphasis IHC places on maintaining continual communication with the communities it serves and its willingness to remain flexible in order to provide more meaningful aid. Also, the emphasis IHC puts on educating the group or community it is working with is, I believe, essential to sustaining an effective, relevant impact. Lastly, as I am heading into the medical

Joseph Breuer, Project Manager

Joe Breuer Age: 23 Master of Biology Student, UCSD Hobbies: Skiing, backpacking, swimming, making music, watching GOT Spirit Animal: Velociraptor How/Why did you get involved with IHC? With so many possibilities to get involved here in San Diego, and not to say San Diego and its population do not deserve all the medical help they can get, we often overlook the fact that we border a nation that does not have these same available resources. IHC is one of the select programs for students that does not ignore this. And more importantly, IHC acknowledges that medicine and healthcare go well beyond simply curing disease. Good healthcare promotes a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally

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